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Receiving bills and documents via email is frustrating.

Keeping on top of bills and documents sent via email is challenging and frustrating. Sharing bills between house mates, friends and colleagues is even more annoying. That’s why we invented Letterbox - a unique email address you provide to those who send you attachments so they end up in your Snapfile account and not your inbox. Safer than email, easier to store, share securely.


The risks with attachments in email.

Most people aren’t aware that email addresses can be easily intercepted and hacked. When attachments get into the wrong hands, address details, banking details, and personal information can easily be changed or used against you.

When email attachments bypass your email address with Letterbox and feed directly into the Snapfile secure storage system, you minimise the hacking of data and access to your private details noted in documents. Letterbox by Snapfile helps you manage your attachments better and minimises the risk of files being intercepted.

The risks with local email storage.

What happens if your computer is stolen? Or it gets a ransomware virus? Or even worse, it gets hacked? Using Letterbox means that documents sent to Snapfile are always available and accessible on any web browser or mobile device. Just login securely and you have access to your files – even if your normal email address cannot be accessed.

How people use Letterbox..

  • Joe has his Telstra mobile and Dodo Internet accounts set up with his Letterbox email. Each month his providers send him his accounts which are loaded to Snapfile and Joe is notified. The bills are stored and shared with his accountant.
  • Amy has all her utility providers (gas, power and water) set up with Letterbox so they go straight to her Snapfile account. Amy has her utility folder shared with her boyfriend so they both get notified when they arrive.
  • Joanna is an accountant for a real-estate firm. She forwards emails with attachments to her Letterbox email address so she can sort them into the right folders for her team to see and approve.
  • John uses Officeworks and Apple for business purchases. He uses his Letterbox email and has the receipts sent directly to Snapfile.

Letterbox will work for you.

If you already have a Snapfile account, click the new Letterbox menu item on the left when logged in. If you are new to Snapfile, get your free Snapfile account now and set up Letterbox once you’re in.